Diopsys® ffERG

The Diopsys® ffERG (full field electroretinography) module includes several important protocols to help you detect disease early and manage patient care.

Advanced Patient Tracking System

Understanding how your patient is responding to treatment is important. Is their visual function improving? Is their disease progressing?

Diopsys® ffERG / Flicker vision tests provide objective, functional information about global retinal health using intuitive, color-coded reports to help you  manage retinal disorders like diabetic retinopathy, central retinal vein occlusion, retinal concerns obscured by media opacities, and uveitis.

Early Detection

Erken tanı ve tedavi, hastalarınızın gözlerini ciddi görme kaybına karşı koruyabilir. Diopsys , hastanın diğer diagnostik cihazlar ile teşhis edilmesi olanaksız defektlerini çok öncesinden size veri olarak sunar.

Diopsys® ffERG / Flash Plus Photopic Negative Response provides objective information to help you evaluate optic nerve and retinal disease affecting retinal ganglion cell function, including glaucoma.

Identification of Risky Patients

You have patients at risk for retinal disease walking into your practice every day. How are you screening those who are asymptomatic?

The Diopsys® Chromatic Flash Vision Screener provides you with objective information on retinal function. Now you can quickly and easily screen patients with risk factors like diabetes, and counsel patients in the earliest stages of disease.


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