Diopsys® PERG

Early Detection

Early detection and treatment is the key to maintaining a lifetime of healthy vision for your patients. Diopsys® PERG (pattern electroretinography) vision tests provide you with objective, functional information on the performance of retinal ganglion cells. These test results help you identify “stressed” cells at a subclinical stage, when the cells have become dysfunctional but are still alive. By starting treatment at this early stage, before evident structural defects, you can help extend your patients’ sight.

  • Objectively measure functional loss and recovery
  • Enhanced treatment tracking and disease management
  • Understandable and simple reporting

Patern Elektroretinografi (ERG) Görme Testi

Pattern ERG has been recognized as an effective test in helping doctors to diagnose and manage disease including Glaucoma and Diabetic Edema, among others. Clinical Support for pattern ERG testing comes from leading eye care institutions including the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and Wills Eye Hospital.


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