Experience new treatments modality in ophthalmology

After laser, Ultrasound and IPL, Plexr® comes as a new and less invasive modality to the ophthalmic world.

GMV is proud to be the first and pioneer.


Currently Plexr® is used in treatment of following ophthalmic disorders:
• Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics
• Conjunctivochalasis
• chalazia
• Conjunctival Cyst
• Conjunctival Nevous
• Punctal Occlusion
• Stria
• Entropion
• Pterygium Removal


T he plasma generation is similar to a micro lightning bolt that acts directly only on the epidermis. When it acts on the skin, Plexr® sublimates corneocytes (it is a direct passage from solid state to gas state). Before sublimating, the corneocytes transmit a selective estimated quantity of energy that reaches the right deepness of dermis, without irradiation (laser/light) or electric shock (radioscalpel/current). No any form of energy is delivered directly from the device to the deeper tissue, no eddy currents are generated.


The safety of plasma therapy with Plexr on the ocular surface has been proven in clinical trials and this study has been published in the " Clinical Plasma Medicine Journal ". This patented technology offers an alternative to invasive surgical procedures.

By using the Plexr Plus method, any complications that may occur before and after the operation are reduced. In addition, in Plexr Plus technology, "heat does not spread to the environment" , that is, it is eliminated from the damages caused by methods such as radio frequency scalpel method or laser.


When plasma is activated, Plexr Plus creates the most appropriate potential difference, ionizing the air between the tip of the device and the human body. When Plexr Plus uses the signal parameters, the distance required for the ionization of air atoms is about half a millimeter. The probe does not generate plasma current when it contacts the tissue directly or is too far from it.


P lasma as the fourth state of matter has been used in various industries more than 100 years ago. Plasma enters the medical field more than two decades ago, but we have seen numerous applications in the treatment of various diseases. One of the newest plasma applications is its entry into the field of ophthalmology, which GMV is proud to have used Plexr® as the first plasma generator to treat more than ten ocular diseases.


Superiority of Plexr®, compared to traditional methods, can be sumarized in the following points:

• Versatility: it can work completely safety and effectively both on skin and on ocular surface, as scientifically proven and published on international literature
• It does not require an operating room environment.
• There is no need of anesthesia or stitches
• It costs less


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